Aarau Bus terminal and station square

The world’s largest air-supported foil cushions characterize the newly designed station square in Aarau.

Those who disembark at this station square will know immediately that they are in Aarau. The spacious, open, urban station square is a pleasant bright spot for all, structured by islands of light and unique materials.

A central bus terminal at the station square newly concentrates all buses south of the Bahnhofstrasse. As a filigree stretches over a forest clearing, the air cushion roof stretches over the open center of the space. It protects those who are passing through, but allows enough air so that the area does not look like a closed hall.

Reinstatement work within the existing spatial proportions transformed the once-unwelcoming underpass into a pleasant throughway and restroom. One highlight of the new Einstein Passage is undoubtedly Gravity, the interactive light installation. Emphasis was put on creating a quality look and feel with affordable materials.

City of Aarau, Canton of Aargau, Swiss Federal Railways
Vehovar & Jauslin (Architecture); Suisseplan Ingenieure (General Planning); formTL ingenieure für Tragwerk und leichtbau (Structural Engineering Canopy); Atelier Derrer (Lighting Design)
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