The multidisciplinary and multicultural Studio Vehovar & Jauslin was founded in 1996 by Mateja Vehovar and Stefan Jauslin in Zurich. The name stands for emotional and exceptional architecture. Vehovar and Jauslin understand architecture as a holistic concept that does not end with the object. The outdoor space, the history of the place and the relation to the neighborhood are part of it as well and have to be incorporated into the concept.

Since its foundation the office is working on a wide range of tasks in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, scenography and urban lighting design. In their daily practice Vehovar & Jauslin not only work closely with clients and planners together but also maintain a frequent dialogue with others. The spectrum ranges from economists to sociologists, from artists to neuroinformatics scientists. Vehovar & Jauslin maintains a lively exchange with the scientific and creative avant-garde. This interdisciplinary approach allows broad-based solutions that amaze and inspire.